'Steadfast' Fan Extended Teaser Cast Focus

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    Fan teaser of the movie featured in the fanfic 'Character Bleed' by luninosity over on AO3. My first time using video and audio clips instead of a music and photo slideshow. I hope you like! And check out the fanfic - it's amazing. Below are clips and music used:
    Video Clips:
    Simpson clips from Horatio Hornblower with Ioan Gruffudd
    Amazing Grace 2006 Trailer
    A More Perfect Union 1989 Movie Trailer
    Belle 2013 Trailer
    Pride and Prejudice Colin Firth Trailer
    Master & Commander Trailer
    Stephen Black clips from 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell' Tv
    'The Quest' by David Arkenstone
    'Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier' by John Tams
    All audio clips are from the trailer for 'Belle' 2013
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